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Osvaldo Requena

“Osvaldo Requena, the man of superlatives, has recorded more than 2000 tangos, toured five continents, wrote a piece of music with a Japanese singer, and a renowned German music publisher is about to publish his previously unreleased works…“


This is what the Clarín - one of the most important Argentinean daily newspapers - wrote about Osvaldo Requena, and the music publisher mentioned is, of course, TONOS, having included fourteen previously unavailable pieces of the renowned Argentinean in their catalogue in 2003.


Osvaldo Requena is, without any doubt, one of the most outstanding musicians in Argentina, a pianist of an enormous technical solidity, as an arranger rich of original ideas and, last but not least, a versatile composer and conductor.


Osvaldo Requena was born in 1931 in Buenos Aires as an offspring of a musical family and was musically educated from his childhood by his father. In the corse of his youth he completed his musical education with various teachers, being taught not only to play the piano, but also lessons in harmony, counterpoint and conducting.


Early on he resolved to explore the musical secrets of Buenos Aires. With the background of a sound classical education he started on to dissolve the mysteries of tango for himself.


Requena was the musical director of the television channel Canal 11 for 14 years; at the same time he managed the record company Microfón Argentina. As a composer of film music - for films such as „Los siete locos“ by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson - Requena also made a name for himself.


In 1986 he brought the tango show „Tango Sessions“ into being, which brought him to Asia and Europe. Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand are just a few of the countries, Requena celebrated his success in. Standing on the list of more than 60 countries, which have been visited by the “Maestro” and his fellow musicians, are also Finland, Denmark, Germany and Spain.