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Raúl Garello

Raúl Garello was born in 1936. From 1963 until 1975 he was a member of Aníbal Troilo’s tango orchestra, both as a bandoneonist and as an arranger. In 1965 a long series of intense collaboration with the great tango singers of his generation began, with Garello working as an arranger and musical director with Roberto Goyenche, Rubén Juárez, Floreal Ruíz, Edmundo Rivero and many others.

Together with Carlos García he founded the „Orquesta del Tango de Buenos Aires“ in 1980. In 1989 he appeared at the first festival of tango in Granada (Spain) and in 1990 he performed together with Gary Burton at the „Complejo Cultural La Plaza“ in Buenos Aires.

With the famous Argentinean lyricist Horacio Ferrer he created the tango show „Viva el Tango“, which was performed in Montevideo, Amsterdam, Ankara and Istanbul.

In January 1996 he played solo-bandoneon with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra and in November of the same year with the city orchestra of Toulouse in Paris. In 1997 he performed he new-year’s-day concert in Toulouse, replacing Michel Plassón as conductor.

He has been awarded prizes by the „Fundación Kónex“ in 1985 and 1995 and by the Argentinean performing rights society SADAIC, receiving their ”Gran Premio de Composición“ in 1997.

Amongst Garello’s original compositions are „La Danza del Fueye“, which was performed by Jorge Donn to a choreography by Maurice Bèjart and two series of works created and recorded together with Horacio Ferrer: „Viva el Tango“ and „Tangos en Homenaje a Woody Allen“.

Garello lives and works as a composer, arranger and bandoneonist in Buenos Aires.